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Discover in the following Free Trauma Release E-Book, which is dear to my heart, the simple method that has helped my clients and me to truly heal our emotional pain and traumas, lovingly and persistently!

trauma release ebook

Because it is REALLY possible to dissolve the chains of past traumas and emotional pain, gradually and persistently, and to transform our LIVES!

Enter your data here and I will send to your mailbox your Free Trauma Release E-Book so that you can learn with my guidance the simple method that can also help you to gently release YOUR trauma and old emotional pain that keep you trapped in life and dictate unconsciously your reality!

What is the content of the Free Trauma Release E-Book?

01. Discover how this simple method presented in the e-book has helped me to lovingly and gently heal the trauma of my past (physical and emotional violence, sexual abuse and rape) and all the emotional pain connected with it!

02. Discover which positive experiences my clients had through the trauma release work that we did together and how the healing of the trauma has gradually improved and empowered their lives!

03. Discover the devastating consequences that the unresolved trauma and emotional past pain create in our lives – here you see an excerpt from my e-book:

    • Gratis Trauma E-Bookexcessive alertness – we are constantly in alarm mode – we smell danger where there is none and overlook danger, where it actually is
    • lack of self-confidence
    • panic attacks and anxiety that is permanently present or that overwhelm you at times, that seem to have no understandable connection with the actual life (e.g. fear of being alone, fear of dying, fear of eating, etc.)
    • feelings of deep shame
    • lack of joy and zest of life
    • expectation and fear of something bad happening
    • sees the world as a threat and full of danger
    • phobias
    • disturbed sleeping behavior ( I once had a client who hadn’t slept in 23 YEARS due to trauma!)
    • addictive behavior (eating, watching TV, excessive use of Facebook and Instagram, smoking, drinking, shopping, addicted to people and often toxic relationships)
    • the need to distract oneself, to passively consume, to numb oneself
    • love-addiction
    • sex-addiction
    • no satisfying access to their own sexuality
    • avoiding sex
    • tendency to over-activity
    • disorders of falling asleep / sleeping through
    • severe nightmares
    • fear and panic attacks during nights
    • excess nervousness/hyperactivity
    • extreme mood swings (inappropriate bursts of anger, uncontrollable crying, permanent irritation)
    • unhealthy aggression and tendency to violence
    • exaggerated emotional reactions
    • difficulties to deal with stress or easily get stressed
    • loss of control and freaking out, sometimes also being violent
    • compulsive control – need to permanently control other people and live out of fear
    • the feeling of not being able to love and the inability to enter healthy relationships with others
    • doesn’t want to grow up, because adult life with its responsibilities seems too much and burdening
    • inability or difficulty to take on responsibility and to fulfill commitments
    • frequent overwhelm
    • childish behavior in adults
    • overwhelm through daily life
    • avoidance behavior (sex, movement, healthy eating, certain places, we avoid people and actions that are related to the trauma)
    • fascinated by danger and attraction to dangerous situations
    • strong pessimism
    • problems with memory and forgetfulness
    • self-destructive and self-harming behavior
    • excessive shyness
    • lack of empathy
    • the feeling of being cut off from life, oneself, other people, feeling of isolation
    • emotionally overly sensitive
    • chronically tired
    • Gratis Trauma E-Bookchronic physical illnesses and problems
    • skin problems (often a symptom of trespassing boundaries)
    • PMS
    • asthma
    • problems with hormones and the thyroid
    • problems with the digestive system (diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowel, Morbus Crohn, etc.)
    • fibromyalgia
    • psychosomatic problems/symptoms
    • in some instances food intolerances
    • lacking the ability to regulate one’s emotions
    • strong narcissistic behavior
    • Gratis Trauma E-Bookvictim of psychopaths and narcissists
    • experiences of mobbing
    • making dangerous decisions
    • projecting all of one’s pain and insanity/madness onto others
    • difficulties to concentrate
    • we can’t use our whole mental potential, as the brain is “fragmented” through trauma
    • tendency to accidents
    • draw attention to oneself through negative behavior
    • death wish/suicidal
    • deep (conscious or unconscious) self-hatred
    • strong feelings of guilt and shame
    • frequent helplessness and hopelessness
    • Gratis Trauma E-Bookdiminished efficiency
    • emotional numbness
    • indifference
    • lacking empathy for oneself and others
    • the feeling of always being the victim
    • loss of trust in oneself, in others and life in general
    • self-sabotage in the job and, relationships
    • the compulsion to repeat the trauma and attraction to dangerous situations

This Method can support you with all those problems and help you to restore your self-worth and badassery, that was never lost, just were overburdened with old heavy trauma and pain!

04. Discover the life-changing effects that we experience when we are able to slowly but surely release old trauma and burdening pain from our system in a loving and gentle way, instead of running away from pain and suppressing our trauma!

  • Gratis Trauma E-Bookwe are happier
  • we are more relaxed
  • inexplicable physical problems decrease
  • we walk towards life instead of running away from it
  • we move towards our partner instead of running away from him/her and sabotaging our relationship with him/her
  • we move toward our success instead of running away from it and sabotaging it
  • we feel connected to life and our fellow human beings
  • we have happier and more relaxed relationships
  • we can receive and give love
  • Gratis Trauma E-Bookour sexuality becomes more mature, deeper and more fulfilling
  • women become more female
  • men become more male
  • we attract a good partner into our life
  • or our relationship to our current partner becomes better, more loving and more harmonious
  • we see our partner for the first time, as she/he really is, instead of seeing them permanently solely through our negative and painful trauma projection and mother projection
  • addictive tendencies become less or diminish
  • we can leave toxic relationships behind
  • we come into our strength and live from our strength
  • we feel nurtured and provided for by the life
  • we experience abundance in our life, our friendships, our relationships, our job, our purse
  • we laugh more
  • we see more the beauty in life
  • we experience financial flow instead of a permanent lack of money
  • we pursue an occupation / a job we love and that can transform our life
  • we feel seen and loved for what we are

05. Discover what causes trauma, how it gets created and how our old past trauma and old past emotional pain keep us struck after years and even decades in a state of fight, flight and freeze! AND find out why this state creates even more pain in your life AND dictates subconsciously our life!

Here a list of life events, that can trigger trauma:

  • prenatal painful incidents (e.g.: mother is in a life-threatening incident; mother doesn’t want the child, loss of a twin during pregnancy, life-threatening danger to the baby in the womb; mother being extremely stressed through her life circumstances, because too much work, lots of emotional stress, violence, sickness, etc.; mother has an accident; etc.)
  • birth trauma = C-section, respiratory distress of the baby during birth, the umbilical cord wrapped around the neck, the baby is born through forceps delivery or suction cup delivery, the baby is being dropped, the umbilical cord is being severed too early, etc.)
  • separation from the mother immediately after birth ( be it that the mother is ill or the baby – this is one of the BIGGEST wounds of a human being and makes relationships and professional success very difficult)
  • a sudden separation from the mother within the first 7 years (hospital stay of the mother or the child, because the mother is ill or has to go on a health cure, operations or dies, etc.)
  • loss of a loved one, sometimes also pets
  • emotional abandonment – lack of love and warmth in childhood is often at the core of most problems that we have as adults in every aspect of our life
  • emotional abuse
  • surgeries with children, especially children who are younger than 7, e.g. tonsil removal, circumcision of boys or girls, etc.)
  • dentist’s visits
  • abortions
  • miscarriages
  • generally, invasive doctor’s visits, especially when children are being held in place
  • hospital stays – especially the long ones when the child is being separated from their loved ones
  • narcissistic parents – that is a torture chamber for the child
  • physical violence
  • psychic violence – also much yelling and screaming
  • sexual abuse of children
  • rape of adults
  • situations that have been very threatening and where the child or an adult experienced fear of death
  • witnessing physical violence (e.g. a child sees/hears how their sibling or mother is being beaten / almost killed/mistreated/ abused etc.)
  • the child is being forgotten at the kindergarten, school or playground
  • accidents of all kinds – falls, broken bones, experiences of almost drowning, car crashes, whiplashes
  • mobbing
  • war
  • natural disasters

06. Learn with my guidance the simple method that can help you to release your trauma, too!

07. Discover WHY we so often sabotage our happiness and success in life and how we can break this vicious cycle of self-sabotage that is, in the end, one form of self-harm!

08. AND through that FREE – E-Book, you’ll gain access to a video where I reveal the main ingredient for success in ALL areas of life and who plays a significant role in that regards!

09. And of course much much more! 🙂

What do other poeple say bput my ebook and their tapping sessions with me:  

Free Trauma Release E-Book
Free Trauma Release E-Book Free Trauma Release E-Book Free Trauma Release E-Book Free Trauma Release E-Book Free Trauma Release E-Book

Do you want that, too?

Well, then get my Free Trauma Release E-Book here and now!

Gratis Trauma E-Book

Dissolve lovingly the chains of your past trauma!

Enter your data here and I will send to your mailbox your Free Trauma Release E-Book so that you can learn with my guidance the simple method that can also help you to gently release YOUR trauma and old emotional pain that keep you trapped in life and dictate unconsciously your reality!


Angelina Fabian

Gratis Trauma E-Book
Rise like a phoenix from the ashes of your trauma!

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