Natural Birth Control with Rue by Shaman Dr. Efigenia Barrientos

Natural Birth Control with Rue by Shaman Dr. Efigenia Barrientos

In 2009 when being pregnant, I was searching for a shaman to teach me about natural birth and to support me with my birth process. And I found her! It was accidentally, but it felt rather like destiny!

I met her and fell in love and had the pleasure and honor to learn from her many precious lessons on how to heal my body with plants, how to have a natural birth – and I had one in 2009 at home with two midwives and so medication- AND she also taught me about the natural birth control with rue!

According to the Shaman, Efigenia Barrientos rue is THE plant for a woman. It not only has an effect as natural birth control, but helps to ease or even eliminate PMS symptoms, has healing properties for your womb and all your female organs, AND last but not least it increases your libido. Well, that is some badass plant, right! What else do you want?! 😉

And since I have taken the rue, I haven’t had NO PMS SYMPTOMS ANYMORE IN YEARS!
And I was suffering like a dog when having my menses, with vast amounts of blood and excruciating pain! And tat every month!

Also, a lovely detail that Efigenia shared with me is that when taking rue, you protect your self from men with harmful and abusive tendencies towards you! She said that the rue is like a wild amazon warrior who protects you on an energetic level from an abusive man and those who want to use you for sex! Thus it helps you to get more in contact with men that are good for you and who respect you as the wild woman that you are ! 🙂 <3

Years ago, I made that video on my German YouTube channel, and women loved it and began their journey with rue!

Are you curious?

Well then get some popcorn and continue reading or watch my video! AND get bellow my free step by step process on how you can use the rue as natural birth control!

And if you want to dive even more in-depth, you can also get my Ebook, with all questions around using rue as a means of birth control at the bottom of the page!

Video on natural birth control with rue!

Who is the shaman Efigenia Barrientos und where does the knowledge about the natural birth control with rue come from?

The shaman Efigenia Barrientos taught me how to use rue as a natural birth control many years ago! In 2009 I planned to go to Uruguay with a massive belly because I was pregnant. And so I search for a shaman in South America but found one in Europe, so I attended her seminar in Germany while I still was residing there my last couple of months!

I am so grateful to her for that seminar and the support moths after while I already was in Uruguay and hardly was able to speak any Spanish word apart from “Hola” and “Gracias.” Well, what an adventure to get a child in a foreign country where you hardly can speak or understand the language! But, well, I stayed in touch with her, and she prepared me to have a birth at home! And I did! I was not able to give birth with dolphins in the sea as I wished, because it was freaking cold! But I could give birth to my precious son at home, without any medication or any with doctors!

It was a birth that was not traumatic to my child but was welcoming and healing!

But as we talked a lot over the years, she taught me many things and ALSO the natural birth control with rue!

Efigenia was worn and grew up in the Paraguayan rainforest together with her family that was a family of shamans for generations! Her grandmother taught her many things that she then brought to Europe and thought to the gringos 😉

All the women in her tribe started to take the rue when they still were girls and had their first menses! She said that the women in her tribe were wild, untamed, had great sex. Because according to Efigenia, the creating of a child through sex should be emotional, beautiful, AND pleasurable for the woman, cause that affects the life of a child!

AND the women in her tribe never complained about PMS, or irregular cycles, or had any problems with their female organs. According to Efigenia, that was the result of rue`s wonderful healing work! Over the years she shared many details on natural birth control with rue. And I am sharing that information here with you!

So it may also accompany you on your way to empowerment, more alignment with the wisdom of your body and a lot of pleasure and epic sex without having to suffer sickness, a distorted and confused hormonal system, and potentially terrible pain when using conventional birth control, like the pill or the coil!

 Paraguayische Schamanin DDr. Efigenia Barrientos

Paraguayische Schamanin DDr. Efigenia Barrientos

Get here your FREE Manual on how to use rue as a natural birth control!

Fill out the form, and I will send you the excerpt from my ebook where I give you a step by step explanation with images on how to use rue as a means of natural birth control!

What are the side effect of common chemical contraceptive methods?

If you happen to take or have taken conventional contraceptives, it should be necessary from my perspective to inform yourself, what consequences it has to your body!

Honestly I have taken the hormonal pill and the copper coil, and meanwhile, it is ridiculous to me that, you have to suffer and endanger the health of your body to have sex and pleasure and to not become pregnant! That is the price that we women have to pay, that is ridiculous. And at the same time, those conventional birth controls tend to diminish our libido. Who wants that, well, not me, but you have to decide on your own cause you are the boss of your body and no one else!

If you are interested to know the side effect, here is a short overview!

Side effects

Common side effects of oral contraceptives include:

  • intermenstrual spotting
  • nausea
  • breast tenderness
  • headaches and migraine
  • weight gain
  • mood changes
  • missed periods
  • decreased libido
  • vaginal discharge
  • changes to eyesight for those using contact lenses

We will look at each of these side effects in detail below.

1. Intermenstrual spotting

Breakthrough vaginal bleeding is common between expected periods. This usually resolves within 3 months of starting to take the pill.

During spotting, the pill is still effective, as long as it has been taken correctly and no doses are missed. Anyone who experiences 5 or more days of bleeding while on active pills, or heavy bleeding for 3 or more days, should contact a health care professional for advice.

This bleeding may happen because the uterus is adjusting to having a thinner endometrial lining or because the body is adjusting to having different levels of hormones.

2. Nausea

Some people experience mild nausea when first taking the pill, but symptoms usually subside after a while. Taking the pill with food or at bedtime may help. If nausea is severe or persists for longer than 3 months, you should seek medical guidance.

3. Breast tenderness

Birth control pills may cause breast enlargement or tenderness. This normally resolves a few weeks after starting the pill. Anyone who finds a lump in the breast or who has persistent pain or tenderness or severe breast pain should seek medical help.

Tips for relieving breast tenderness include reducing caffeine and salt intake and wearing a supportive bra.

4. Headaches and migraine

The hormones in birth control pills can increase the chance of headaches and migraine.

Pills with different types and doses of hormone may trigger different symptoms.

Using a low-dose pill may reduce the incidence of headaches.

Symptoms normally improve over time, but if severe headaches start when you begin taking the pill, you should seek medical advice.

5. Weight gain

Clinical studies have not found a consistent link between the use of birth control pills and weight fluctuations. However, fluid retention may occur, especially around the breasts and hips.

According to one review, most studies have found an average weight gain of under 4.4 pounds (2 kilograms) at 6 or 12 months with progestin-only birth control. Studies of other birth control methods showed the same gain.

Some types of hormonal contraceptive have been linked to a decrease in lean body mass.

6. Mood changes

Studies suggest that oral contraceptives may affect the user’s mood and increase the risk of depression or other emotional changes. Anyone experiencing mood changes during pill use should contact their medical provider.

7. Missed periods

Even with proper pill use, a period may sometimes be missed. Factors that can influence this include stress, illness, travel, and hormonal or thyroid abnormalities.

If a period is missed or is very light while using the pill, a pregnancy test is recommended before starting the next pack. It is not unusual for a flow to be very light or missed altogether on occasion. If concerned, seek medical advice.

8. Decreased libido

The hormone or hormones in the contraceptive pill can affect sex drive or libido in some people. If decreased libido persists and is bothersome, this should be discussed with a medical provider.

In some cases, the birth control pill can increase libido, for example, by removing concerns about pregnancy and reducing the painful symptoms of menstrual cramping, premenstrual syndrome, endometriosis, and uterine fibroids.

9. Vaginal discharge

Changes in vaginal discharge may occur when taking the pill. This may be an increase or a decrease in vaginal lubrication or a change in the nature of the discharge. If vaginal dryness results, added lubrication can help make sex more comfortable.

These changes are not usually harmful, but alternations in color or odor could indicate an infection. Anyone who is concerned about such changes should speak with their medical provider.

10. Eye changes

Hormonal changes caused by the birth control pill have been linked to a thickening of the cornea in the eyes. Oral contraceptive use has not been associated with a higher risk of eye disease, but it may mean that contact lenses no longer fit comfortably.

Contact lens wearers should consult their ophthalmologist if they experience any changes in vision or lens tolerance during pill use.


The combined pill can increase the risk of cardiovascular problems, such as blood clots, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a clot on the lung, a stroke or heart attack.

Birth control pills have also been associated with an increase in blood pressure, benign liver tumors, and some types of cancer.

The pill should not be taken by:

  • women who are pregnant
  • smokers over the age of 35 years, or anyone who stopped smoking within the last year and is over 35 years old
  • anyone with obesity
  • those who are taking certain medications
  • anyone who has or has had thrombosis, a stroke, or a heart problem
  • anyone with a close relative who had a blood clot before the age of 45 years
  • people who have severe migraines, especially with an aura as the warning sign
  • anyone who has or had had breast cancer or disease of the liver or gallbladder
  • anyone who has had diabetes for at least 20 years or diabetes with complications

If any of the following occur, the user should see a doctor.

  • abdominal or stomach pain
  • chest pain, shortness of breath, or both
  • severe headaches
  • eye problems such as blurred vision or loss of vision
  • swelling or aching in the legs and thighs
  • redness, swelling or pain in the calf or thighs

They may indicate a more serious condition.

Long-term effects

Use of birth-control pills may increase the risk of long-term health problems.

Cardiovascular problems

Combination pills can slightly increase the risk of cardiovascular side effects, such as heart attack, stroke, and blood clots. These can all be fatal.

The risk is higher with some pills. A doctor can advise on suitable options.

Anyone who has uncontrolled high blood pressure or a personal or family history of blood clots, heart attack, or stroke should ask their medical provider about alternative methods.

Cancer risk

Female hormones that occur naturally, such as estrogen, are thought to affect the chances of a woman developing some types of cancer. It is therefore possible that using a hormone-based method of birth control could have a similar effect.

Ovarian and endometrial cancer: These appear to be less likely among women who use the pill.

Breast cancer: There appears to be a slightly higher chance of breast cancer developing in women who have recently been using the contraceptive pill, and especially if they started using it during their teenage years. However, after 10 years of not using the pill, the risk appears to be the same as for someone who has never used it.

Other factors may play a role, such as a woman’s age at starting puberty and menopause, her age at her first pregnancy, and whether or not she has had children.

Cervical cancer: Long-term use of the pill has been linked to a higher risk of cervical cancer, compared with those who have never used it. However, most types of cervical cancer are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Whether HPV is linked to the use of oral birth control pills has not yet been confirmed.

Liver cancer: Oral contraceptives have been linked to a higher chance of developing benign liver tumors, but these rarely become cancerous. Some studies have suggested that liver cancer risk is higher after using oral contraceptives for at least 5 years, but other studies have not had the same results.

(Source of the side effects of the birth cintrol pill)

Get here your FREE Manual on how to use rue as a natural birth control!

Fill out the form, and I will send you the excerpt from my ebook where I give you a step by step explanation with images on how to use rue as a means of natural birth control!

When does the rue NOT have a contraceptive effect?

If you have been taking hormonal contraceptives prior, then the rue will NOT work and have a contraceptive effect unless you have cleansed your body and brought it back to a state of hormonal health and balance!! BUT that is no reason for despair. I described this process of cleansing and detoxing in detail in my ebook, and it is actually not so complicated and does not demand many things! Two of them is rue and sea salt!

Hormonal contraceptives include hormonal pills, hormonal patches, hormonal suppositories, Diaphragm (hormonal loops). Furthermore, if your state of health requires you to take any other hormonal remedies (e.g., for your thyroid gland), the rue won’t work as a contraceptive!

If you are unable to stop taking hormonal remedies and HAVE to take them for medical reasons, then I cannot recommend the rue as natural birth control for you! Then the rue can be taken to strengthen your female organs, but will then not be efficient as natural birth control!

If you would like to change from hormonal contraceptives to the rue decoction, you will need to cleanse your body from all the chemical toxins and balance out your hormonal system, before you can use the rue as natural birth control.

Remember – there is no rush! You won’t have to throw away all your previous hormonal pills instantly. In Chapter 6, I will explain to you how to stop taking the pills and deeply cleanse your body from all toxins according to the Efigenia recommendation.

E-Book “Natural Birth Control with Rue by Shaman Dr. Efigenia Barrientos”

If you wanna know more, especially how you can detox if you have taken hormonal contraceptives in the past, then this is the ebook for you!

Here you can have an overview over the cnotect of the book!

Content of the eBook

  1. Introduction
  2. Step-by-step guidance
  3. How much time do you have to take the rue decoction so that it starts to have a contraceptive effect?
  4. When doesn’t the rue have a contraceptive effect?
  5. When shouldn’t you take the rue’s decoction?
  6. How do you detox from the chemical toxins, after taking hormonal contraceptives, so that the rue decoction can begin to have a contraceptive effect?
  7. Is the process of detox from the chemical toxins after taking hormonal contraceptives accompanied by side effects?
  8. Does the rue decoction have any side effects?
  9. What should you do if you want to become pregnant again?
  10. When can a girl start taking the rue’s decoction?
  11. Does the rue decoction provoke an abortion and thus prevents a pregnancy?
  12. Does taking the rue prevent you from ovulating?
  13. What exactly does the rue do to prevent you from getting impregnated and pregnant?
  14. What should be done in winter?
  15. What should you do when traveling?
  16. Does the rue also have an effect if you are leading a “bad” or unhealthy lifestyle?
  17. What do you do, if your menstrual bleeding is longer or shorter than 3 days?
  18. Do the dried leaves of the plant also have a contraceptive effect?
  19. Can you use the rue’s leaves tea from the pharmacy?
  20. Does a herbal extract of the rue plant have a contraceptive effect?
  21. Do male and female kinds of the rue plant exist?
  22. How many leaves should be taken when carrying excess weight?
  23. How long should you take the rue’s decoction to eliminate PMS symptoms?
  24. What happens and what should I do, if I forget to take the rue’s decoction once?
  25. Useful effects of the rue
  26. Energetic qualities of the rue
  27. BONUS Material: An ancient Japanese Natural contraceptive purely without any chemical substances + 1 other natural contraceptive method

The health benefits of the plant rue

According to Efigenia, the rue has a cleansing and strengthening effect on your cervix, uterus, and ovaries. The rue cleanses the ovaries from “bad,” unhealthy, damaged and faulty eggs in your ovaries. By doing that it shall prevent problems in your female organs, like tumors, cancers, cysts, and endometriosis. The rue also has a detoxing and strengthening effect, on your liver, kidneys,  and helps with nervousness, high blood pressure, gout, cramps and as I said with easing or like in my case dissolving ALL my PMS symptoms!

BTW, men should not take the rue because it will lessen their libido! Therefore monks used to take the rue to diminish their sex drive! But it increases the woman’s sex drive! 😉

 Blühende Weinraute - Ruta Graveolens

Blühende Weinraute - Ruta Graveolens

Natürliche Verhütung mit Weinraute Efigenia Barrientos
Paraguayan Shaman Dr. Efigenia Barrientos

I want to make clear that if you decide to use the rue as a mean of natural birth control, then this is totally up to YOU AND YOUR responsibility! And should you become pregnant, then it is also up to your responsibility, and I am not responsible for that! Because as with every means of birth control, there is a chance and risk of getting pregnant! Also, with the pill or the condom. Because life can`t be controlled 😉

I trust Efigenia deeply, and she not only helped me on different levels in my life but also around 30 000 other people all over the world. You have to know for yourself if the rue is the right natural birth control or not! 🙂

Please be aware that the rue does NOT protect you from sexually transmitted diseases and that if you have a sick partner or have alternating sex partners, you should you a condom to protect your self!

Unfortunately, Efigenia died in 2016, and I hope with this video, article, and book I can prevent and share her unique and empowering knowledge! May you rest in peace, my querida vice-mamasita!



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