Overcome Anxiety For Good And Unleash Your Power And Happiness With Tapping/EFT

Overcome Anxiety For Good And Unleash Your Power And Happiness With Tapping/EFT


Do you suffer from anxiety
and panic attacks?
Maybe already for years?
Have you tried many techniques to overcome anxiety and panic attacks, but nothing had a lasting effect?
Well, I was in your shoes for a very long time. And on my way to overcome the anxiety, I discovered something that can alleviate anxiety and panic attacks and finally even dissolve them so that you don’t have to live your whole life like in an invisible prison whose walls consist of agonizing anxiety and panic attacks. You can slowly melt these invisible walls and release the torture step by step, and if you are consistent, you can dissolve them over time. And I know that not only from my own experience but also from my experience with my clients.
In the following, you will find a video in which I not only share my success story but also that of a client of mine who was able to make a quantum leap for herself in only 4 sessions with me and who actually managed to find more joie de vivre again after years of anxiety and panic attacks .
I explain in the video why anxiety and panic attacks are ONLY a symptom, and why you won’t have much success if you just “doctor around” on the symptom. At the same time, I give practical help, if anxiety states and panic attacks should overrun you again!
But take a look for yourself here:

This is the experience of a client who came to me and suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for years. She was afraid of suffocation from the tightness in her chest and throat, so eating was an ordeal for her. Her life was enormously limited, as she could hardly do anything, neither leave the house alone, nor go to school, nor engage in sports. After only 4 tapping sessions with me, this is the result in her own words:

“Before I got to know Angelina’s coaching style, I was with several different therapists and doctors. For more than two years, I tried in-patient and ambulant talk therapy, body therapy, acupuncture, kinesiology, hypnosis, and relaxation techniques, but every time I found out that success, if it came at all, did not last long. I instead had the feeling that I was only getting worse and worse with the different types of therapy.

I had to drop out of school, withdrew more and more, and had the feeling that I was no longer able to do anything. Even simple things like shopping or spending time with a friend were real challenges for me. Then by chance, I came to Angelina. I briefly described my problems to her, and she offered to do a tapping session via Zoom. Already after the first session, I noticed a difference. I felt as if someone had taken a big load off me, and I had hope again not to have to live like this for the rest of my life. One day later, I spent several hours with a friend, and from then on, I started tapping several times a week with the video Angelina sent me. I felt much better and started working a few times a week in a part-time job.

Then three more sessions followed via Zoom and the following “tapping work” with the videos alone. Meanwhile, so many things are possible for me again, like catching up on my school graduation, going to work, driving a car, taking the train alone, and much more. Things I haven’t been able to do for so many months, and such an extended period, it feels like as if I have a life again. a life that makes me very happy and is not overshadowed and burdened anymore by anxiety and panic attacks!”

Do you want to get to know the simple but ingenious tapping method and use it for yourself to dissolve your old pain and trauma?
Do you want to experience HOW and WHY old traumas in life hinder and burden you so immensely, WITHOUT you being aware of it?
Do you finally want to dissolve the shackles of old traumas lovingly?
Do you want to improve your relationships as well as your professional situation?
Then click HERE or on the picture on the right and get my e-book “Instructions for the gentle dissolution of trauma and mental and physical blockades” FREE!

Practical tapping exercise for anxiety and panic attacks

Von Angstzuständen und Panikattacken zu erneuter Lebensfreude

To understand this step by step tapping process better and to follow it quickly, please watch the video and join me in the tapping sequence!

Step 1

First, feel into yourself and rate how intense your fear is on a scale of 0-10. 10 means you are bursting with fear, and 0 you don’t feel fear at all.

Step 2

Now we take the second step, we agree to our state of fear and tap on the edge of our hand (see video):

“Even though I am very anxious right now, I love and accept who I am. Also, if I have a horrific panic attack again, I love and accept myself as I am.

Step 3

Von ANgstzuständen und Panikattacken zu erneuter Lebensfreude - EFT/Tapping/Klopfakupressur

Now you tap the following points with me, as explained in the video:

I am so afraid.
I don’t know what to do with myself.
My whole body is trembling, and I am terribly afraid.
This unbearable fear.
I don’t know what to do.
I feel so helpless feeling that anxious.
This anxiety paralyzes my whole being.
I can hardly think clearly.
Sometimes I can hardly act.
I feel shocked by this fear.
I feel trapped in this anxiety and can hardly get out.
I don’t want that anymore.
It is just too much.
I am afraid of fear.
I just want it to stop, to stop forever.
It is unbearable torture.
The fear grips my whole body.
I have such terrible fear.
What can I do to stop it finally?
So that I can finally just enjoy my life a little.
So that I can breathe deeply.
So that I can relax.
I am terribly afraid.
And with all that I am entirely ok.
And with all the fear, I am lovable.
And all the fear that suddenly overwhelms me and I’m entirely at its mercy is just a cry for loving attention.
And with all that I agree to myself.
I am ok.
And I am worthy of love.
With all the fear.
With all the panic.
With all the despair.
With all the helplessness.
This fear in my system.
This fear in my bones.
This fear in my stomach.
This fear in my head.
This fear in my eyes.
This fear.
This fear.
This unbearable fear.
And I am safe despite the fear.
Even if I cannot feel it right now.
I allow the fear to be there and let it go at the same time.
I let it go so that it can heal.
And open myself to recognize what the real root of my fear is.

After the tapping sequence, you feel again into your body and re-evaluate the intensity of the fear on the scale of 0-10. If the value on the scale has dropped a bit, then tap the sentences again until the fear subsides. If the intensity has not decreased, just do several rounds until the anxiety subsides. The stronger your fear and panic attack is, the longer it will take until you feel a difference in yourself. That is entirely ok, take your time!
And if you want to dissolve the real root of your anxiety and panic attacks and trust me to accompany you, then you can do it HERE! On this page, you will also find a FREE tapping instruction, which you can use for yourself!
I wish you a life with less and less fear and more and more joie de vivre!
Angelina Fabian

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