Trauma Release with Tapping/EFT

Trauma Release with Tapping/EFT

Are you facing seemingly insoluble difficulties in your life right now?

Have you had any painful or traumatic experiences that are still troubling and affecting you?

Do you have the feeling that certain experiences in your life repeat themselves like a broken record and you feel powerless?

Do you have inexplicable fears or feel stuck in life?

Do you experience failure or any other grief that plagues you?

Are your self sabotage mechanisms standing in your way?

What is the problem in your life right now …?

Many of the experiences we had as children shape our image of reality and color our view of life. We are adults, and yet unresolved painful experiences dictate our lives so that we

  • can’t fully live our potential.
  • Have the feeling of being stuck in a dead-end situation in our lives.
  • Have the same painful experiences over and over again.
  • Fail.
  • Experience painful relationships.
  • Suffer from chronic physical complaints.
  • And many other things.
  • What burdens you right now has in most cases its origin in your childhood…!

I know from my own experience how difficult it is to release old painful events and leave them behind because my childhood was marked by sexual, emotional and physical abuse, a lot of violence and other traumatic experiences. After years of therapy and hardly any signs of progress, I then started to search for a solution on my own. And thank god I found several solutions for myself and over time, I began to work with other people and to help them to release their trauma, stop their self-sabotage programming and to step by step unleash their potential.
Here I offer my years of experience with various methods.
What is this method? It is mostly focused on tapping, and probably you have heard about it before.
Are you interested in a tapping sample? Then watch the video where I share how tapping helped my client to overcome her anxiety and panic attacks, and you can tap along.

Are you ready? Then let’s go!

What is Tapping?

Tapping is known to most as EFT or meridian tapping and was developed about 25 years ago by Gary Craig. EFT is basically acupuncture without needles. It is a combination of ancient Chinese medicine and modern coaching. The tapping process consists of speaking specific sentences adapted to the situation and tapping specific points of the main meridians on the body.

Why does tapping help?

The reason for your painful feelings and the resulting experiences is a disturbance in your energy system. People often try to change their feelings, thoughts, or actions or to “visualize” and manifest something, but they fail because they do not give attention to their energy system. With the tapping of the meridian points, we get direct access to your energy system and thus to the source of your negative feelings caused by unresolved painful experiences in your life that resulted in trauma and symptoms of PTSD. By speaking specific sentences and tapping the meridian points, we release the blockages and trauma in your system that cause specific thoughts, feelings, believes and actions and do not let you get out of the way or heal AND create a lot of self-sabotage mechanisms in your life.

What do clients say about a tapping session with Angelina?

CristinaI recently had a tapping session with Angelina. I didn’t know exactly what this treatment would bring me. In preparation, I had watched her published tapping video. It sounded real and effective, and I was happy to experience it personally. I wasn’t wrong: her presence alone was incredibly reassuring. Before starting the tapping session with Angelina, I was aware of some blockages, although I couldn’t grasp them and dissolve them. During the session, we tapped on certain topics and spoke specific sentences. They awakened tremendous pain. I could feel, acknowledge, and accept my agony. We repeated the process several times until the load, the cramp in me, disappeared by itself. The relief I felt after tapping was indescribable. This feeling has remained to this day.

After the tapping session, I asked Angelina how she knew precisely where which wounds were because she was always hitting the mark. Her answer left me speechless: During the current tapping session, she had intuitively felt again and again where the pain was. After the treatment, I got some personal suggestions on how I should continue alone and which topics I could still tap. Angelina means “angel” in Spanish. So her full name Angelina means “little angel.” Her parents couldn’t have chosen a more suitable name for her. Thank you, Angelina, for your support and your willingness to pass on your knowledge.
Cristina Garin, Spain

Cristina Garin, Spanien


I had watched Angelina’s published tapping video; it made me curious because I was interested in the tapping technique. During the session, Angelina’s presence was very calming, and we tapped on certain topics and spoke specific sentences. The session was very relaxed; we had to laugh right in the middle of it.
Angelina intuitively sensed precisely where the topic was during the current tapping session.
Dear Angelina, thank you very much. I will recommend you.
Best regards, Marion
Marion Bethe, Germany


Marion Bethe, Deutschland

Dear Angelina,
I have come to a crucial point in my past with your method of becoming conscious and letting go, which I probably wouldn’t have come to without your help or would have come to much later. The process has continued in the meantime, partly in dreams, partly in reflection. I discovered tapping as a very effective and at the same time easy to use the method, which I don’t want to miss anymore.
Thank you also for your dream. It was another guide for me and has brought good energy for now.
Ingrid Klauser, Italy

Ingrid Klauser, Italien

Dear Angelina, The session with you, characterized by great empathy and a sharp eye for the essential, still has a very liberating effect on me today, many days later.
Bernhard Hartmann, Germany

Bernhard Hartmann, Deutschland


Hello Angelina, I want to say thank you once again. You are really great. I had seen tapping once in a seminar in Switzerland and didn’t want to believe what I saw and heard. I became curious and wanted to try it out. What I especially liked about you is how you thought yourself into my situation and formed the tapping statements out of it. I had a lot of fun, and the 1 1/2 hours flew by. I felt liberated and lighter after our session. It is clear to me that the one-time session cannot be enough, but with your full video recording, I can practice it again and again, which I will also do.
Thank you, Ursula.
Ursula Paulus, Germany


Ursula Paulus, Deutschland

Dear Angelina,
Now some time has passed since my last tapping session. Therefore I would like to write to you now my feedback.
Through your empathetic, loving, and also clear approach, you led me again and again to my damaged parts. And in small steps, my topics had permission to and could be solved. I am very grateful for your empathetic way in which you lead through the sessions with a lot of seriousness and humor. Especially in the past few weeks, I have increasingly brought out older sessions with you and worked with the topics. Especially for that, the recordings are treasured. And so I get deeper into my essence by applying tapping bit by bit and can live these.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful work.
All Love
Richard Beck, Germany

Richard Beck, Deutschland

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Where does Tapping help?

Tapping helps with, well, with ALMOST everything
There’s nothing I don’t tap, be it on me or with clients.
In the following you will find a list of topics that can be resolved with tapping:

  • 1. exam anxiety

  • 2. as preparation for birth in case of fears before birth, caesarean section, complications, etc.

  • 3. traumatic experiences like car accidents, violence, abuse, rape, etc.

  • 4. accompanying physical complaints

  • 5. allergies

  • 6. addictive behaviour such as eating, drugs, shopping, watching television, etc.

  • 7. compulsive behaviour such as washing, not stepping on lines, etc.

  • 8. pathological jealousy

  • 9. performance support in school, university, work

  • 10. problems in relationships, be it with partner, children, parents, colleagues, boss, etc.

  • 11. weight loss

  • 12. unexplained fears

  • 13. panic attacks

  • 14. feelings like shame, guilt, anger, grief.

  • 15. self-hatred and self-loathing

  • 16. PTSD - Posttraumatic Stress Syndrome

  • 17. insomnia

  • 18. stress

  • 19. phobias

  • 20. heartache

  • 21. PMS

  • 22. animal allergies

  • 23. neurodermatitis

  • 24. lumbago - back pain

  • 25. What′s bothering you in your life, maybe for years...?

Do some of the problems mentioned above sound familiar to you?

Then tapping can help you in your life and help you to solve your self-sabotage programs that prevent healing.
I have found tapping very healing in my traumatic experiences. I experienced abuse when I was 5 and 12, lost a baby after the sexual abuse with 12, and was raped as a woman. I was beaten until I was 12 years old, and all these traumatic experiences left deep traces in my energy system. Tapping has been a faithful companion for many years and has helped me through many emotional pains. For example, when I woke up sweating and panicking at night due to my traumas. In such situations, Tapping is beneficial to calm down again.
As we work together, we learn the basic principles of tapping so that you can apply them to yourself at any time.

What is so special about a Tapping session with me?

In my Tapping sessions, depending on the topic of the client, I combine my years of experience in
– tapping,
– systemic family constellations,
– my knowledge as a Human Design analyst and guide
– my understanding of naturopathy, which I have acquired over the years from shamans, doctors and healers, and my own experience.
– and my experience from finally resolving my personal trauma and pain

The focus is mostly on tapping but depending on the client and his topic, I incorporate my knowledge from different areas. Because in the end, it is all about “unleashing your life force” and that is what tapping stands for.

Why does tapping sometimes not seem to work?

Now there are several reasons, which I would like to mention in the following briefly:

1. Too often the topic is only tackled on the surface instead of going into depth. Suppose you’ve had unbearable headaches for years and you’ve only tapped on the headaches instead of seeing that everything grows over your head, that you’re completely overwhelmed and that you can’t take it anymore… If the CAUSE of your headaches is addressed, then the headaches or other emotional and physical complaints will also go in most cases…

2. We often have what I call the “aspirin expectation.” We want a quick and immediate solution WITHOUT dealing with our emotions, physical complaints, traumas, painful experiences, etc. We want to take and do something that numbs us quickly so that we can continue and our problem doesn’t bother us anymore so that we don’t feel the pain behind it. But just as a quick aspirin dose does not solve the cause of your headache, but only numbs it, there is not a super-fast solution for some emotional or physical complaints, but it takes patience, consistency and sometimes several EFT/ tapping sessions to solve the deep causes behind your problem.
It’s like riding a bicycle: if you want to master it, you always have to get on your bike and do it. You wouldn’t claim that the bike doesn’t “work” if you fell for the first time or didn’t succeed. It’s the same with EFT/tapping. You have to know HOW to use it and do it consistently!

3 Sometimes we are “operationally blind,” as my Aikido teacher used to say. If you are in the middle of a problem, then you often have difficulties to see the causes of the problem AND to solve them. It helps if someone from the outside gives you help, a hint or simply supports you to face your fears and repressed traumas … I also book coaching sessions and get advice, where I am sometimes operationally blind!

Beyond that …?
Often behind a “problem,” there is an entirely different cause than one would expect :

Cat allergy -> fear of sensuality, femininity, devotion, loss of control
Money worries -> Solidarity with parents, money trauma
Alcohol addiction -> longing for the father, mother trauma as a child
Neurodermatitis -> contempt of the father by the mother, experiences of violated boundaries

Do you wish

  • to be happy and fulfilled?

  • to have enough money?

  • to have a lot of free time?

  • to live a good and fulfilled relationship?

  • To be healthy?

  • What YOU wish you in YOUR life.....?

But it often has a not immediately obvious disadvantage to get what we so longingly wish for. So, for example, we wish ourselves prosperity, but at the same time, we sabotage ourselves, because it is a danger for the subconscious on one level. And so we are trapped in this struggle of wanting and sabotaging. And that is F exhausting, if I may say so bluntly 😉

ALSO – what is the downside to you for being:

  • successful?

  • healthy?

  • slim?

  • happy?

  • In a relationship?

  • you are financially independent?

  • insert your topic here 🙂

Not so easy to answer this essential question, isn’t it…..? But if we succeed in finding an answer to this crucial question, then we will find out why you sabotage yourself and why you so often are stuck in certain situations.

Tapping is a very simple method, and at the same time, it has an immense effect. After the session with me, you can use it for yourself in any situation you want.

  • before the session, you will fill out a questionnaire so that I get to know you better and what your issues are
    Approx. 90 minutes of Zoom video session
    Video recording of the session, so that you can watch the tapping sequences again and tap on other topics
    depending on the client and topic, further information on tapping
    Recording of your session also as an audio file

Zoom: before we meet I will send you your individual Zoom Link, so you can easily download the small Zoom Software
Webcam: I need to see you when I work with you, as I pay a lot of attention to your body language, which tells me if you are in resonance with what I say before you tell me.
Preferably a headset: that minimizes annoying background noise
Fast Internet: DSL, fast enough to allow video telephony

Do you want to make progress in your life, heal your painful experiences and dissolve your sabotage programs?
Do you want me to support you?
Then I look forward to a tapping session with you! 🙂

  • 1 Tapping Session

  • 330.00

  • Including Video- & Audio Recording
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  • 3 Tapping Sessions

  • 960.00 instead of 990,-$

  • Including Video- & Audio Recording
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  • 5 Tapping Sessions

  • 1600.00 instead of 1650,-$

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  • 10 Tapping Sessions

  • 3210.00 instead of 3300,-$

  • Including Video- & Audio Recording
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